Velimir Srića at TEDx Talk Conference

Velimir Srića at TEDx Talk Conference
I participated in TEDx Talk conference on June, 15th. My idea worth spreading was that successful life resembles a creative play. The concept of playing is responsible for success, victory, exploration, prosperity, creativity, learning, socializing, team spirit, happiness, pleasure, and togetherness.

Huawei vs. Trump

Huawei vs. Trump
Huawei has become a strong competitor to US companies because it is the best in the world in a number of areas, especially in 5G technology. China's ability to master top-notch technologies is an outcome of the US strategy to make profit on cheap Chinese labor. But the Chinese managed to learn much more than the Americans expected and became their true competitors.

About Velimir

Velimir is professor of management and information technology at Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Zagreb. He is also consultant in fields of organizational culture and behavior, strategic and innovation management, creativity and innovative applications of IT...more




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