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As a coauthor Velimir participated in some of the most significant and influential publishing endeavors of encyclopedic character, dealing with business informatics and management.

Ira Kaufman & Velimir Srića
EMPOWER US!: From Crisis to Strategic Harmony

Kitsap Publishing, USA
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Our world is broken! A profound change is needed! If you disagree, and you like the status quo, leave this book aside. Otherwise, join us and we can try to change it together!
This book is for those who want to reinvent the world, to be in harmony driven by universal values and a superior ethical compass, digital technologies and sustainable business practices. It is for those who want to transform a business or an organization; to catalyze political change; or to disrupt outdated, unresponsive policies (in healthcare, education, government, economics, or other institutions).
Most people see what’s wrong and are apathetic or paralyzed. We want to share our passion to transform the world to what it can become, instead of accepting the present situation as the default. We provide a breakthrough in thinking about institutions, and the false “truths “we accept and live by. We offer a resilient approach to managing and innovating, and a roadmap for transformation. We are targeting all generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, Gen Z) across all cultures as the “broken-world-disease” is not beholden to one culture or economic class.

“There are many “fix society” books. This is one of the best that I have read. My own answers to these multiple crises proposed building better systems of capitalism and democracy, all moved by the spirit of the Common Good. But Kaufman and Srića, went much deeper with their analysis of why societies break down. ”
—Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing, Confronting Capitalism, Democracy in Decline, Advancing the Common Good

“This "can't-put-it-down" book is a powerful contribution to all the Earth. It shares miraculous solutions inspiring every reader to find their highest life mission—higher than we would dare—to be part of the solution. Do read EmPower Us! now!”
— Susan Davis Moora, Mother Social Investment Industry, Founder, KINS

“This book is an invitation to look at the world with curious kids' eyes to cooperate and manage social and economic processes differently! It is a call to let love and creativity Empower us to bring Harmony to society! Can the world really become a big orchestra playing beautiful, noble, and human music that turns us all into Catalysts of change? Srića and Kaufman say it is possible. We have to let our soul listen to their New Harmony.”
—Prof. Dr. Ivo Josipović, Ph.D., President of Croatia (2010–2015)

"EmPower Us! challenges the reader to embark on a transformational journey. Instead of accepting the world as is, the authors give us a guide to harnessing our passion to be the change we want to see in the world."
—Erik Qualman, Futurist, #1 Bestselling Author (Socialnomics)

"The world as we know it is flawed; Empower Us! encourages readers to not be apathetic, but rather excited in making change."
—Ella Feathers, Student UNC, Chapel Hill, Environmental Activist

“EmPower Us! addresses the root cause of the five global crises, ‘dis-eases’ beginning with the degradation of values and the breach of trust. We are born hardwired to universal values. Before we ARE EmPower(ed) we have to be InPower(ed). The power of universal values can act as catalytic forces for transformation.”
—J.E. Rash, President, Legacy International, Values-based Leadership

“In today’s world, people talk to themselves rather than engage in genuine conversation...EmPower Us! stimulates a broader dialogue between generations on the critical priorities of humanity, driving it to reinvent itself.”
—Dr. Joseph O. Okpaku, Sr. CEO, Telecom Africa International Co.

“A must-read for executives and managers. It provides a comprehensive map of Strategic Transformation, offering excellent insights and practical cases.”
—Dr. Sam Wang, Managing Partner, Kotler Marketing Group China

“This book provides a leadership model that fosters true values, nourishes a culture of innovation and relies on diversity and inclusion; that is the key for a sustainable value creation in our world that is continuously being reshaped by technology development.”
—Gordana Kovačević, CEO, Ericsson Nikola Tesla



Digital Book, 2016., Kindle Store on Amazon - available for purchase HERE, 4,99 USD
I guess a good life should resemble a creative play. Hence, some philosophers call human beings the playful creatures. No wonder; the concept of playing contains the most beautiful human emotions: happiness, pleasure, creation, success, victory, entertainment, exploration, relaxation, prosperity, happiness, creativity, learning, socializing, team spirit, togetherness... The games we play make us become what we are, help us evolve, grow, learn, socialize, and have fun.

Our childhood and adolescence are best remembered as the playing time. For many, it is the most beautiful age, the joyful years of constant discovery, the time to explore endless possibilities, in search of freedom and creativity. It is the age of curiosity in which we are constantly open to playing various games with ourselves, others and the world. As soon as we grow up, for most people, life becomes a mature, serious and accountable thing, very far from creative playfulness. Somehow, we no longer take part in games, or playing becomes a rare exception.

As for myself, I belong among men who never came out of puberty. The older I get, the more I see my life as a permanent creative playground, or it does not make sense...

This book is dedicated to all Men the Players and to their creative games, resulting in innovation, change, and a joy of life. According to Abraham Maslow, if a hammer is the only tool you have, you tend to see every problem as a nail. I guess, in this book I use creativity and innovation as the hammers to nail down the immense complexity of the present world and its countless challenges. The nail then turns into a needle and sews the world together.

IN SEARCH OF HARMONY IN A DISHARMONIOUS WORLD - Leadership Manual for Change Agents and Dreamers

Algora Publishing, New York, 2014.

The author finds the source of today's global chaos in the lack of leadership in politics and business, and he explains why the current paradigm is exhausted. The first pages are valuable in their own right, as they present an ice-bath of cold facts that will wake up anyone who doubts that change is urgently needed.

Each one of us is, in a sense, a leader in this world, and the author encourages us to adopt a model of harmony-based leadership as the solution. He shows some of the soft yet effective techniques true leaders use in creating a team that moves together toward a goal.

In easily-digested "lessons" Prof. Srica gives fifty-two examples explaining in detail how each of us can develop internal harmony, and how to build and develop harmonious teams and organizations.
Questioning the existing value system, the author offers a new, harmonious leadership model for managers in government, politics, and both profit-based and non-profit organizations, but also for common people who want to lead a better life.

By integrating knowledge, skills and values of harmonious leadership, the model provides a fresh look at the leadership challenge, encouraging people to grow themselves and everybody with whom they connect through behaviors which radiate positivism and create harmony. The model is based on author's leadership experience, and on a variety of practices and cases he has witnessed as a politician and consultant. The model is genuinely multicultural and draws from the views from Far and Middle East, mixes them with Zen wisdom and integrates them with Western management trends, as well as with troublesome experiences from the transitional Central and Eastern Europe.

Here are three contributions for the book cover: the first is a global manager, the second is one of the most prominent young Slovenian managers, and the third is a director of the executive development program at famous Henley, now a part of Reading University.

“In today’’s world where the internet allows for greater diffusion of information with more transparency and instant accessibility, where social media create invisible clusters, where global knowledge doubles every few years and where balance is more on “life” and less on “work”, the challenge of effectively leading multi-dimensional organizations has never been greater. The previous paradigms of “lifetime employment”, “management by objective", "balanced scorecards” and others are not as effective for leaders as they used to be. People are looking for environments in which they can learn, grow, be inspired and in general be in harmony with all other aspects of their lives. This book provides a new leadership model for leaders in government, politics, and both profit-based and non-profit organizations. Its potential for altering how leadership challenges are viewed and taken on lies in its natural and inspiring message which encourages leaders to grow themselves and everybody with whom they connect through behaviors which radiate positivism and create harmony."
Bruno Filipi, President Coca-Cola South Pacific

"This book probably contains all of managerial common sense there is. Dr. Srića is systematically leading us through the various stages on how to become a better leader, person, father, mother, friend, sibling. He brings his theories to life through telling stories which stem from history, literature and his rich experience. This book feels as if Porter, Kets de Vries, Peters and Gladwell have joined forces. Given the state of the world today, this book came about just in time. Our future can only exist if we learn how to bring more harmony to the world."
Miha Zerko, CEO SRC.SI

Modern leadership requires depth of philosophical intellect and insight. This book offers a leadership approach and philosophy closely aligned to a new movement in the leadership development market. Organizations are seeking new approaches to leadership training and development and the harmonious model is one of the valuable and promising responses. It draws on the interdisciplinary combination of arts, humanities, sciences, engineering, and classics; its intellectual depth brings a global perspective to the leadership challenges, and the harmony-based ideas correspond with the future changes occurring in our profession"
David Rees, Executive Development, Reading University

The book is available in hardcover and softcover print edition as well as an e-book. It can be ordered through the publisher website or through

If you want to look inside the book, visit this LINK.



Chapter Managing People in Central Europe Editors T. Garrison, D. Rees
Butterworth-Hinemann, London, 1994.

The book was an anticipation of trends end issues in developing a multicultural management style in united Europe. Velimir contributed a chapter on management in Central Europe ( pages 92 to 111) The text deals with similarities and differences in management style and culture throughout the region, based on research as well as on personal consulting experience.



Chapters «Innovation Management» and «Knowledge-Based Systems» Editor M.Zeleny
Thomson Publ., New York, 1999.

The book was a unique publishing effort collecting articles from the world's leading experts on ICT management. Velimir has contributed two chapters: Innovation Management and Knowledge-Based Systems, presenting the most advanced knowledge and ideas concerning creativity and innovation in management as well as development and application of knowledge management in Knowledge-based systems.



Chapters on “Innovation Management”, and “Knowledge Engineering”
Editor Warner Malcolm
Thomson Publ., London, 1996.

This eight volume encyclopedia consists of over 6.000 pages with contributions from the leading world authorities on modern business and management. As the only author from Croatia, Velimir Srića wrote two articles. The first is dealing with Innovation Management and contains 16 pages describing contemporary issues in management of creativity and innovation in business. In the second article dealing with Knowledge Engineering, in 30 pages of text, Velimir describes one of the most advanced facets of high-tech, the knowledge production and management , discussing issues ranging from Knowledge-Based Systems and Artificial Intelligence to Expert Systems and their application in business. The secon edition of the Encyclopedia was issued in 2001.



Chapter on “Management Education in Croatia” Editor Gay Haskins
EFMD, Bruxelles, 1995.

Velimir has contributed to this analysis of management education in Europe with the chapter on Croatia. The text describes the problems and issues in educating young generations for positions in management and business in Croatia, comparing the country with the expected standards and models in the region and Europe as a whole.